Alicia Birr is the founder of the bureau de mode : her duties include being a secretary, a project manager, a consultant, an accountant and a CEO. In other words, she is the bureau de mode.

In 2004, newly gratuated from Sciences Po Paris, she thinks that she we’ll be able to find right away a position in a record company : her dream job at the time is being an artist manager (meaning product manager), as they say at Naïve where she just spent a 6 month internship.

After a short intermission where she learned modesty by welcoming guests in a building in Paris business district La Défense, she met in 2005 the founder of Abeille Musique (independant leader in classical and jazz records distribution in France) who asked her to lead the project that would change the face of his company : turning digital . Setting up a digital distribution platform, negociating with labels and retailers, questionning all the time the development of new tools, she played the part of conductor and working hand of this revolution. Alicia then discovered her taste for the geekest technical aspects and skills for project coordination.

During that time, she also put some “fun” in her life with the organization of parties called “Mort aux Jeunes” in parisian clubs, with her friends from the collective The Bigger Splashes. Parties where mess was planned in the tiniest details and that saw the birth of the Peltag (European police for look, trend and avant-garde), offbeat propaganda tool which has been her entry into the world of fashion.

Fashion went from hobby to job in 2009 when Alicia founded Von Engelswacht bureau de mode , a company that aimed at helping young designers developing their brand by doing everything non-creative (commercial work, strategy consulting, communication). An ambitious project pushed by the observation that too many talented designers waste their potential because of the lack of business oriented skills.
Opening a shared showroom and workspace, organizing regular pop up stores, creating lookbooks, launching an e-commerce site, developing creative collaborations is what Von Engelswacht bureau de mode did with very few means but lots of ideas and energy.

In 2012, Alicia decided it was time to go back to school and started an executive MBA at the Institut Français de la mode (IFM) . Entrepreneur, fashion editor (part-time job she began in 2011 at, student and soon-to-be mom, it was the era of (very) intense multitasking.

Today, the bureau de mode is the expression of the skills that Alicia grew in the last 8 years : an eye for fashion, project management from technical to artistic, global vision on the digital revolution in the creative industries, knowledge of the tools needed in this new digital paradigm and implementation of innovative and differentating promotion strategies for high creative added value products .

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